I’m defining STORY as a point of view – a way in which you choose to weave together facts. A set of glasses through which you see the world.
1. EVERYTHING is a story (awareness/mindfulness).
2. Your get to CHOOSE story (control).
3. As a leader, it’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for prospects (strategies). Lead!!!!


‘How do we engage the board?’ This is one of the top questions we receive. This teleseminar is a direct answer to that question. Tom will do what he does best: CHALLENGE (status quo), LEAD and SIMPLY. I know Tom’s going to challenge assumptions you have about the board/staff dynamic. Then he’s going to share some of the thinking we’ve been employing in the field, and finish with concrete frameworks (TOOLS) you can use for greater leadership.



Recorded by Tom Suddes


This seminar covers over 20 PHRASES and QUESTIONS we share in our workshops and boot camps. It’s intended to provide very practical nuts-and-bolts examples to help you visualize HOW to ask, whether you’re with a new prospect, board member, or long-time supporter who needs to step up.


Recorded by Nick Fellers