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We are a team of dreamers and doers, a team of experts and cheerleaders, a team that works tirelessly alongside our clients to help the size and scope of their income match the size and scope of their impact. We serve the best social sector organizations in the world and work on the most pressing social issues of our time including: climate restoration, food security, equality and justice, public education, and international health.

As we expand our work with organizations around the world and across all social sectors, we are continuing to build our team of dreamers and doers. Join us as we dream big, do big, and change the world.


For Impact Coach

Columbus, Ohio and Denver, Colorado

We are hiring four For Impact Coaches. A For Impact Coach receives comprehensive training and mentorship in order to fulfill these roles and responsibilities:

  • Fundraiser: Develop skills as a fundraiser, managing a portfolio of prospects for various fundraising campaigns. In many cases, the coach will be ‘making asks’ of philanthropists (mostly individuals and foundations) to secure funding for client campaigns.
  • Strategy Support: A coach supports senior partners as needed/directed in the areas of communications, fundraising analysis, strategy, and project planning.
  • Project Manager: A coach plays an integral role in the success of complex fundraising projects. This can include scheduling/coordinating, building communications, setting agendas, leading meetings, and aligning groups through follow-up.
  • Trainer: A coach provides training around the fundraising process to development professionals from client organizations.


Our fundamental requirement is that each candidate have 5 years of work experience. We’re looking for critical thinking skills, realized by your ability to synthesize and simplify complex ideas. Candidates should also have some ‘coaching experience.’ An effective coach can read others, communicate effectively, and can inspire individuals and teams to action.

For hiring purposes, we use the term ‘coach’ loosely. For instance, an entrepreneur can be a coach, a team leader could be a coach, or a sports coach can have the intrinsic skills attitude to train, inspire, and get the best out of others.

Most importantly, we’re looking for a passion to do the hard work it takes to solve big social problems.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a diverse work background. Either the candidate brings a diverse work experience or the candidate brings a unique perspective that builds upon the required skills above. For instance, our current coaches include a journalist, a molecular biologist, and a conflict-resolution expert. Each coach blends their background with their training and practice in the For Impact approach to funding in order to be most effective, authentically.

  • Is an effective communicator and can write and edit — simply. They might say, “I’ve finally found a use for all the writing I did in college!” 

  • Likes a challenge. This job will probably be the most challenging (and rewarding) you have ever had. Suddes Group coaches step out of their comfort zones every day as they enter new arenas (like how to lead a room, or how to lead a client, or how to help someone who is really stuck), all while addressing some of the biggest challenges in the world.

  • Has ‘stage experience’. Starring in the spring production of Oklahoma in high school translates into a stage presence we seek to develop/encourage as a coach and trainer.
  • Will make that phone call when it’s more effective (but an email would be easier).
  • Loves learning. Loves to take a deep dive reading books, watching TED talks, immersively learning about new issues such as criminal justice reform, sanitation systems in developing nations, or the state of public education. The Suddes Group lives on the frontier of new and complex issues.

While we will be training around these skills, a background in one or more of these areas can be  helpful for successful candidates:

  • Messaging / Communications. (Demonstrates experience in synthesizing and simplifying concepts.)
  • Sales (Demonstrates a baseline understanding of a sales-process/model.) 
  • Consulting or Analysis
  • Facilitation

All coaches have an opportunity to grow and develop along a personal growth pathway which includes:

  • Training and facilitation.
  • Developing and leading client strategy.
  • Transformational selling (e.g., how to lead a $1M+ prospect strategy).
  • Change management: Much of our work seeks to change the performance capacity of an organization. To do this, a coach must learn how to navigate and lead culture change.


Besides changing the world, what does The Suddes Group offer in terms of job perks?
Comprehensive health benefits, 401K, unlimited vacation days, flexible work environment. 

Do I have to have not-for-profit experience?
It is something we consider, but it’s not required. Coaches without sector experience take longer to move through a learning curve but we would weigh that with other experience. For example, if a candidate had 15 years of experience facilitating group meetings, we would build a developmental pathway to help the candidate more quickly understand the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector.

Where are the positions located?
We have two positions in Denver, Colorado, and two positions in Columbus, Ohio (our headquarters). This is not a remote position – daily you will work with teammates to develop and advance strategy for organizations. Travel is required: A typical coach can spend ½ time on the road and ½ time in-the-office. 

$50K to $70K dependent on work experience.

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