Stop Zombies Now: A Visual Case for Support

Happy Halloween!

We’ve designed an Engagement Tool (see: What is an Engagement Tool?) to help STOP ZOMBIES NOW. There’s also a short (10 min) teaching video that’s worth a watch — it offers a serious explanation of story, simplicity, altitude, message, case, and the funding rationale to ERADICATE ZOMBIES FOREVER.




5 Responses to “Stop Zombies Now: A Visual Case for Support”

  1. Nathalie Perrin

    Awesome 😉
    Happy Halloween from France ! 🎃👻💀…

  2. Bob Garretson

    Nice work Nick. And you didn’t crack a smile once! SNL skit worthy!

  3. Pamela Lazar

    Awesome! Love it!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Zombie Sweet

    Now this is a brain that i would love to eat!!!!!!!!

  5. Zombie Sweet

    Wait a second…..this might work……..oh no!!!!!!
    Maybe we need to hire the Suddes group for a “THE BITE IS RIGHT” campaign for
    our Zombies Forever group

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