Training Calendar

For Impact Trainings are how we package and deliver our practical and proven frameworks, in person, to help you:
tell your story,
develop your team,
transform your funding model
for impact and income success.
Each speaking engagement, workshop, or Boot Camp is customized for attendees and full of usable takeaways.

Upcoming Events:

For Impact Workshop: Fundraising on a Napkin

What to expect

A For Impact Training is the opposite of what you’ve come to dread from funding conferences and workshops. Instead, what you CAN expect:

Simple, applicable, proven frameworks and ideas that you can use, whether you’re a Executive Director, Development Staff or Volunteer Leader.

Some controversial thinking.

No power point. But still lots of visuals, including our signature napkins (so all your takeaways are guaranteed to be simple.)

Value that goes beyond funding! We’re life entrepreneurs, so while we always want to create value in the form of funding results, there is a huge personal development theme in everything we do.

Energy (not in a ‘rah-rah’ way but in a ‘we-know-you-wear-52-hats-we’ve-been-there-we’ve-got-your-back’ way. We want to solve your problems, not create more work.) … with authenticity.

1:1 Coaching and Follow-up. Except for very large speaking engagements, we try to offer one-on-one coaching before, during, and after a live experience to help you apply the frameworks.

Our Trainings

Our capstone live experience is the For Impact Boot Camp, held 3-4 times yearly around the country. Attendees build a solid foundation around the For Impact Point of View and frameworks including how to:

simplify your message,
engage others with your story, and
build a solid funding model.

To learn more about the For Impact Boot Camp or about how to bring For Impact to your team, conference, or community, contact Kerry Suddes, Director of Live Experiences (email or call 614-554-7525).

Other solutions include:

Board Workshops

The For Impact Board Experience seeks to incorporate the best ideas from our Daily Nuggets and the energy of our Boot Camp to get your entire organization on the same page.

Delivered in a 90-minute, half-day, or full-day setting, the Board Experience is designed to engage your complete team around three big components:

  • Impact: Get everyone on board with your impact, message and organizational story at 30,000’.
  • Income: Commit to the Just Ask attitude and a simple funding model that addresses an organization’s ongoing challenges for funding.
  • The Funding Role of the Board: Transform your organization with the help of committed champions.

Fundraising on a Napkin

This workshop summarizes 30 years of fundraising achievement into simple, bold and actionable ideas for all (in a half or full-day format that we can bring to your community).