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3 Big Takeaways

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Just finished one of the best ‘work’ weeks of my (long) life.

I wanted to share what’s going on in Ireland with the For Impact Community… as much of what we’re doing over there is a direct result of the work we’ve done with many of you!

I was with 25 different organizations over the course of the week and I wanted to share 3 big (common) takeaways:

    1. Change Your Vocabulary! I’m still amazed every time we do this. The change in words is not semantic gymnastics. It helps people change the way they think… and talk… and then act.
    2. Do The Math. Over and over and over again… this concept of Doing The Math has contributed to more impact and more change than just about anything else. ‘Blue’ Math around the Impact and ‘Red’ Math around your Staff & Team and ‘Green’ Math around your Cost of Delivery, Funding Model, etc. is HUGE!
    Note: “People buy on EMOTION and justify with LOGIC.” Zig Ziglar
    The ‘Math’ and the ‘Numbers’ is where you can provide the LOGIC, the justification within your Case for Support, the Return-on-Investment, the Value Proposition, Where the Money Goes, what you need to Fund Your Vision and much more.
    3. 1,000-Day Plans. We are building 1,000-Day Plans for almost every organization we are working with in Ireland. 2012 + 2013 + 2014 = (VISION) 2015! These 1,000-Day Action Plans and 1,000-Day Funding Plans are 1,000 X (times) more powerful than 5-Year Strategic Plans!
    ***Email me if you want some more information or detail on these 1,000-Day Plans.