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Shane Bruckner

Shane Bruckner


Dr. Shane Bruckner’s professional career has been a diverse learning experience that has led him from the biotech industry to the finance industry and finally to For Impact. He has an unrelenting passion for self-education and a desire to utilize his diverse skill set to make the world a better place to live. This is why Shane joined For Impact, because of his deep admiration for the organizations and individuals that are working every day to positively impact the world and the opportunity to help advance that vision.

After earning his B.S. in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University, Shane pursued a career as a personal trainer coaching people to achieve their health and fitness goals. He then entered graduate school at the University of Kentucky where he earned his doctorate degree in Physiology researching neurodegenerative diseases. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at The Burnham Institute for Medical Research where he studied the molecular mechanisms by which the plague bacterium evades the immune system. Shane then entered the biotech industry where he was a Senior R&D Scientist in the field of cellular and molecular biology for over a decade, working on the detection of conditions including breast cancer and radiation exposure.

Shane’s passion for seeking knowledge and self-betterment led him to pursue a career in the finance industry where he developed his knowledge as a Financial Consultant. This is where he honed his sales expertise.

Not only does Shane feel passionate about his mental development, he also is adamant about developing and maintaining his physical health through diet and exercise. A craftsman at heart, Shane enjoys remodeling his family’s home where he lives with his wife Traci and son Van in Columbus, Ohio.

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