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First with the HEAD, then with the HEART.

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Up at Notre Dame finishing up the boxing season with a couple hundred amazing young men (and six equally amazing women managers).

Yesterday, one of the seniors came up and told me “Thanks, again, for giving me the book, THE POWER OF ONE.” He said it was the best book he’d ever read and he’d already given it to a number of other people.

I figured out I’ve given away over 500 copies of this book in the last ten or fifteen years. I even talked with the author, Bryce Courtney, when I was in Australia (on Trip Around the World).

Perhaps the best line in the book comes from Hoppe (the trainer) to Peekay (the hero/ protagonist). He was referring to boxing, but I find this quote pretty darn meaningful for life, sales, presentations and much more.

First with the HEAD, then with the HEART.

In the proverbial ‘nut shell’: set your goals, do your plan, do the math, do your prep… then, attack with every bit of passion and enthusiasm and energy and courage!

Note: The root word for courage is ‘coeur’ which is French for HEART!

Again: First with the HEAD, then with the HEART.