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How To Get Things Done

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EVERYBODY can use this article in HBR to Get Things Done (or Out the Bottom of the Funnel).

Harvard Business Review talks of two of the world’s experts on productivity, David Allen and Tony Schwartz.

Allen’s 3 letters, GTD, is the list-driven system. Schwartz is not as ubiquitous as Allen, but comes at this from the energy/performance side. (Schwartz co-authored with Jim Loehr one of my favorite all-time books, The Power of Full Engagement.)

Together they provide the ‘yin/yang, left/right’ balance in a good dialogue about time, effectiveness and productivity.

Something to think about:

Last question: If people could take just one thing away from your work, what should it be?

Schwartz: Organizations need to recognize that human beings are basically organisms containing energy. And that energy is either being renewed or being dissipated over time. An organization has to realize that part of its responsibility, whether it wants it or not, is to ensure that people have full tanks of energy. This is one of the big variables that will determine which organizations thrive in the next 10 or 20 years.