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Is it a Pimple or Cancer? Know the Difference.

Blog | | Nick Fellers

I was listening to ESPN radio host Eric Kasilius (a mensa genius and witty guy – filling in for Colin Cowherd). He was sharing some grandfather wisdom. In dealing with a problem his grandfather would always advise that you try to identify it as either a pimple or cancer – then respond accordingly.

If you do nothing to a pimple, it will go away in a few days on its own. If you pick at it – it’s going to become a bigger problem.

Cancer, on the other hand, you should treat as aggressively and swiftly as soon as it’s identified. Ignoring it can let the problem spread beyond control.

You must ask yourself re: each issue and problem, is it a pimple or is it cancer?

For what it’s worth, spread this idea around. Tell everyone to stop picking at their pimples.

Note: Eric was using this in reference to the NFL and MLB. He says the MLB has always picked at pimples and ignored cancer.