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Leaders Lead

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I am on my way to New York City and having dinner tonight with an old friend, big-time Mensch and Jewish Philanthropic Superstar, Bob Werner.

Bob used these words, “LEADERS LEAD” to remind me many years ago that success or failure on any kind of funding initiative is a direct result of LEADERS LEADING!

Over these years, I have used that maxim to:

1. CHALLENGE the actual leaders of the organization or the project to actually LEAD!

2. Help create and encourage CHAMPIONS (both internal and external) to step up and LEAD.

3. Generate COMMITMENTS from leaders (that’s why they call them ‘Leadership’ gifts) to create momentum and leverage for an initiative.

LEADERS LEAD. Boards, Staffs, Constituents and Stakeholders can then FOLLOW.

Note: The other thing we’ve learned: If LEADERS are not engaged and passionate and champions for the initiative or the project or the organization… it then becomes the ‘Suddes Group’s Campaign’ or (just) ‘The Next Campaign’ (a kind of ‘necessary evil’).

Simple Closing Thought: ASK… your LEADERS… to LEAD.