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Tom Suddes, our Founder & Chief Spirit Officer, made a name for himself as a thought leader, motivator, master facilitator and trainer, engaging speaker, voracious reader and prolific writer.

Tom Suddes

Tom Suddes

Founder & Chief Spirit Officer

As a serial entrepreneur, Tom founded 19 businesses but also dedicated his life to helping thousands of individuals and organizations (social entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for profit) find their purpose and make an impact on the world.


He founded The Suddes Group and raised more than $1 billion for worthy organizations, including Battelle for Kids, Craig Hospital, and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Through For Impact, he helped to transform the language and attitude of giving and helped organizations raise another $1 billion to scale and grow their ability to save, change and impact lives. His motivational messages have reached thousands around the globe.


We lost our Chief Spirit Officer to ALS in September 2016. (Read more here. And here.)


Tom modeled so many things to those of us who knew him as a coach, leader and friend. He was a man who defined living, loving and giving.


We all hope to leave a legacy. Tom leaves a list of legacies.

Tom Suddes
Tom Suddes

Tom was affectionately known as O.G. — “The Old Guy”

— even though he was know for doing 1,000s of push ups with the boxers at Notre Dame (where he was the boxing coach for more than 40 years) or jumping on podiums during his thousands of speeches.


So “Live Like O.G.” is an aspiration and a reminder for us all: Believe that anything is possible. Live life fully — every day.
  • Be infectiously positive.
  • Give — your love, spirit, time, energy, resources and counsel.
  • Go on an adventure.
  • Invest in experiences and people (over material possessions).
  • Be a solution provider.
  • Support and encourage those around you.
  • Live a life that is creative, curious and fun.
  • Leave a legacy.
O.G. embodied every motivational phrase he’d ever said or written:

Tom Suddes

Tom Suddes

Tom gave away everything — his time, his money, his love — but perhaps the greatest gift Tom gave was his spirit. This was the common gift among the thousands Tom impacted. And so his spirit lives in each of us that knew him.


Tom has been a champion for the For Impact sector for more than 40 years. This is a place to remember him (even for those of you who have never met him) and to share stories.


Take a few minutes and tell us how Tom/O.G./Coach has influenced you using one of these themes (or a theme of your own):










Send your stories to, and (with permission) we will share at in the coming weeks and months. Include your name and address, and we’ll send you some “Live Like O.G.” swag.


Thank you for reading, we look forward to hearing from you.