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Memorable Life Experiences

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Sometimes I re-read my own stuff… and it causes me to think even more about the subject.

Wednesday’s thoughts on WEALTH and MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES (from the article in Ode Magazine) triggered this simple journal page this a.m.

TJS/OG: My Experiences.

My life is about a wealth of experiencesnot possessions. In no order, some of my amazing life experiences:

  • Trip Around the World. (23 days. Solo. 32,000 miles. 9 countries.)
  • Notre Dame Boxing. (40 years as Coach. 6 weeks a year at Notre Dame for the last 25 years.)
  • Rafting the Grand Canyon. (2 weeks with Nick. Amazing experience.)
  • Hiked Pike’s Peak. (With daughter Kerry for her 30th birthday. Also with Colorado College Advancement Team.)
  • Harley in Pasadena.(1999 Women’s World Cup. With daughter Meghan. Rose Bowl. USA Wins.)
  • Harley in San Francisco. (With daughter Kerry. Golden Gate Bridge. Muir Woods.)
  • Harley to Chicago. (To meet son Taggart in the middle of his bicycle ride across America.)
  • Harley in Colorado. (Garden of Gods. Rockies. Multiple times.)
  • Ireland. (With granddaughter Savannah. 3 work days. 2 days in the country. Just the 2 of us.)
  • Family Trips. (Ski Colorado & Utah, Hilton Head, Lost Valley, Chicago, Arizona, etc. No ‘money’ when kids growing up but amazing experiences.)
  • EAGLE CREEK. (A Memorable Experienceevery day. Fridays At Farm during the summer with daughter Shannon and kids and friends. Walk the property. Feed the animals. Build fences. Cut grass.)

*Note: Very personal list. Meant to remind those much younger than me it’s the EXPERIENCES you remember… not the possessions you bought.