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San Diego Boot Camp – Day 1

Blog | | Nick Fellers

Last night we wrapped up at our first day on the campus at The University of San Diego. It was great but I think the weather was even better. While much of the country is being hit by an Alberta Clipper and frigid temps we are having a heat wave – mid 80’s every day. We have attendees from Alaska, Minnesota and Green Bay – can you imagine coming from -20 to 85? We also have attendees from Hawaii (they bough coats – no joke).

Some quick bullet points – or discussions that have been unique to this class (a very partial list)

  • Designated giving: I’ve rarely, rarely ever had a gift designated. I know this is something many others deal with all the time. I really think this is because we’re not communicating where the money goes and so the investor has to put some sort of framing around this on their own.
  • On that same note, only one person has EVER asked me how much money goes to overhead – I immediately asked him if he had ever worked with The United Way and he said, ‘Yes, why do you ask?’ 🙂 Again, if you communicate your purpose + where the money goes + funding plan then it’s not about overhead.

    INCOME = Communicating your Purpose and / or vision
    DRIVES = Communicating Where the money goes (your buckets, circles or priorities – for those that have been to camp)
    INCOME = Communicating your Funding Plan and having a discussion about how the prospect could fit in to that plan.

  • 1X 10X 50X
    1X = What is given without a case for support + dialogue (one-on-one). Perhaps through mail or event.
    10X = What is invested as a result of your showing up and having a dialogue around 1-2 pieces of your case for support (purpose/priorities/plan).
    50X = What is invested when you walk through ALL THREE PIECES of your case for support – only when you enter into a discussion about what is really needed and talk about serious funding can a prospect begin to discern, think-about or work towards a leadership gift or transformational gift.

  • What economy?
    One of our attendees from last year’s San Diego camp called in to report presenting the opportunity for $2.0Million AND closing. The prospect HAD been impacted (negatively) by the stock market but was committed to the PURPOSE/PRIORITIES/PLAN of this organization – they asked – and worked through the mechanics (it was not a given – had to have a DIALOGUE about how to make this happen).

  • And this one’s just for Alums.
    Calculator Time? 15 Seconds.