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How are you using the For Impact Approach? Take a minute to tell us and other For Impact readers. We’ll set you up with one of our Motivational Mugs and possibly and Amazon Kindle.

The action: Tell us your For Impact Story in under two minutes..

The background: We engaged with some 300 organizations last week via Campaign Week’s teleseminars and coaching calls. Regular readers will know I am a reader/follower of VC Brad Feld. Several years ago Brad talked about ‘Random Days’. These were days filled with random meetings and calls in an office-hours-fashion. Over the years this has led to some exciting connections, some business opportunities and also really expanded Brad’s thinking about the world in which he lives (technology, VC, Boulder).

Brad’s Random Days offers the inspiration for our annual week of free seminars and open coaching hours.

More than other years we were blown away at how people were using FI. We heard from people that were leading trainings using the For Impact sales model, innovating on the engagement tools and some that were now using napkins everywhere. In previous years I had a pretty good lead on these folks. There were several times last week I heard previous strangers say things like, “I’ve been following you for three years. Came from a sales background and now sit on a board. I have everyone in our organization using your system…”


It’s time to start a system to capture and share these stories with others. If you’ve used anything from a boot camp, seminar, blog entry… take a moment to let us know using this form.

I have no idea where this project will go but I’m pretty confident you will make it pretty remarkable.