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Small Message. Big Impact.

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Speaker and trainer Terri Sjodin specializes in helping professionals sharpen their presentation and sales kills.

In her new book coming out this summer, SMALL MESSAGE BIG IMPACT, she highlights the power of the proverbial ‘elevator speech’.

Her definition of the ‘modern’ elevator speech is simple: A brief message… communicated in 30 seconds to 3 minutes… whose sole purpose is to intrigue the listener… and obtain additional time (to present).

Read Success Magazine’s article 1 on 1 Targeted Talking Points for more.

Remember: If you can articulate your message clearly, compellingly, concisely, convincingly, cleanly, consistently (and any other ‘c’ word)… you can raise as much money as you need to fund your vision!!! (The whole point of Impact Drives Income.)