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Support for Consultants and Coaches

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

We’re in the early stages of building a support network and resources for consultants.

Each day I wake up and think about how to add more value to the sector. The reason we added a huge training component to our work 15+ years ago was so that we could leave a functioning sales operation in place after we worked with a client. That evolved to become ‘For Impact’ — an initiative through which we provide a lot of education and training — not only to clients engaged with us around organizational development and strategy but to anyone via our bootcamps, teleseminar and workshops.

I think there is an incredible opportunity to formally support, train, coach, etc consultants that are already within the For Impact Community. On the road I meet consultants in every city who say, “I’ve been following For Impact for years” or “I used idea XYZ to help a client at a board meeting.” I hear a lot of stories about the indirect impact we’re making which only makes me wonder what kind of a ‘ripple impact’ we could have with more formal and directed support for those that have dedicated their lives to helping numerous causes. At a higher level, I think formalizing a network could be transformative to the sector.

Send me an email ( with your story if you’re a consultant that’s already leveraging For Impact in some way. I’m not sure where this will go yet but envision a Boot Camp for consultants and a host of other resources.