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On Practice and Excellence


We strive to be ‘Best in the World’ at the ASK.  We are constantly training and improving as a team in this area.  Here are some quotes/thoughts on the importance of practice and excellence.

I think they are relevant to anybody who strives to be world class in their own domain.  

“Excellence is a habit.” – Aristotle

Tom Brady has returned to his coach, Tom Martinez, 4 times per year for the past 17 years for a tune up!

Immediately following her 2015 U.S. Open second round win, Serena Willams went to the practice courts for 90 minutes!

“The enemies of practice are pride and fear and self-satisfaction.”   – Practice Perfect

“It’s a funny thing.  The more I practice, the luckier I get.”  – Arnold Palmer

“If I skip practice for one day, I notice.  If I skip practice for two days, my wife notices.  If I skip for three days, the world notices.”  – Vladimir Horowitz, Virtuoso Pianist

Note:  Two fantastic reads on this include Practice Perfect and The Talent Code.


For Impact Reading: Resilience

Eric Greitens (a former Navy Seal, a humanitarian, a boxer, a Ph.D.) compiled this book from letters he wrote to a friend facing enormous hardship, pain and suffering – and the virtue of Resilience as part of the human experience.

He draws on ancient wisdom to make many of his points and one paragraph really struck me as it relates to our For Impact teachings and philosophies:

“I can’t speak for Aeschylus, Epictetus or Aristotle. But I am convinced of this: they would have hated having their wisdom confined to classrooms and textbooks. This is wisdom about how to live. And it’s your property as much as anyone’s. Take it. Use it.”

We are having our fourth and final Boot Camp of the year at Eagle Creek today. Nick kicked the session off with a great quote from the book. (Nick quoting Eric quoting Greek Philosophers about the importance of Practice.)

“The most important things in life are learned only once, but must be reminded often.”

That big reminder that we give at camp? Your Sales Practice will never, ever, ever be perfect. And sometimes it will be hard. But you must get out the door and do it. Live it. You are capable of resilience.

Use visits (and asks) as a way to understand, to connect, to process many of the important things you already know.

Note: Read more thoughts from Tom on Practice.