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Teleseminar: How to Simplify Your Message and Engage with Story

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Teleseminar: How to Simplify Your Message and Engage with Story
Tomorrow. Thursday, Feb 16 @ 1:00 ET / 10:00 PT.
Investment: $45 / Free for first 45 registrants


Paying attendees will receive an MP3 copy of the seminar audio and an engagement tool kit (with 20 examples) for download and recurring use.

Nick Fellers will lead a 60-minute how-to course including Q&A in which he shares several examples and ideas to help you simplify your message. Having a clear and concise message engages the board, ignites confidence on the ask and focuses your organization’s mission/business strategy.

Note from Nick:
A primary reason for call reluctance is that we can’t communicate our message. This is also a primary reason for prospect reluctance — our champions intuitively love us but they are reluctant to make introductions because they don’t understand the message that would be shared. What we see in the field every week is that when we clarify the message (using the frameworks we’ll explore in this call) we overcome many of our funding challenges.

Stories and Teaching Points will Include:

  • The Power of a Simple Message.
  • How to simplify message with your team.
  • How to use story to overcome objections.
  • How to create an engagement tool to share your message and story — a tried and tested technique inspired by Walt Disney.
  • How to apply message to engage the board
  • How to apply message to identify new prospects
  • How to apply message to maximize funding relationships
  • Three case study examples including 3-5 sample funding plans and engagement tools

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