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The Magic Bus

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

All of us have probably come across Jim Collins’ eponymous quote:

“Get the RIGHT PEOPLE on the BUS.

Get the WRONG PEOPLE off the BUS.


Regardless of how many times you’ve heard this, it’s a very powerful way to begin this New Year! It applies to your staff and your board.

NOW is the best time to sit down with all of your current people and have a BUS conversation!

    • Are they on the right bus?
    • Are they in the right seats?
    • Do they know what direction the bus is going?

***In a 24-hour period last week, I spent three hours each with two wonderful super-women advancement leaders going over the ‘organization structure‘ and their ‘bus‘. Here are 10 big things that we talked about:

    1. Who, Not How
    2. If the Job Could Talk
    3. Ideal Profile
    4. Heart, Head & Heads
    5. Screw the Interview
    6. Focus on Strengths
    7. Eagles & Ducks
    8. The Talent Spectrum
    9. Mavericks & Crazy People
    10. Circles vs. Boxes

I’m in Ireland this week but I’m going to try to write up the support on each of these nuggets.