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The Money Tree

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Our children (and grandchildren) actually believe that this ‘tree’ exists… thus leading to the great parental line: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Three quick ways to think about this visual:

    1. Even if there was a ‘money tree’… money is just worthless wampum unless directly and dramatically tied to your IMPACT.
    2. Because money does not grow on trees, you actually have to ASK your CPA’s and PI’s (Champions/Passionate Advocates and Prospective Investors) for their HELP!
    Special Note: We’re working with a brilliant, entrepreneurial and mercurial leader of an absolute ‘best of class‘ organization in the educational field. He shared with me on the phone yesterday that the biggest “surprise” of working with The Suddes Group was this: “I find that if you simply ask, people say yes and will help. For the last 20 years, I had all these great relationships, but never specifically ASKED FOR HELP.”
    3. You can grow your own ‘money tree’, at least metaphorically speaking, by creating Leadership Societies, President’s Circles, Legacy Societies, Innovation Networks, etc. that follow this simple mantra: INVITE… JOIN… REFER. These ‘members‘ will give you ongoing annual support, thereby creating the proverbial ‘money tree’.