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THE (Most?) Fundamental Leadership Question

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I love Steve Farber’s thinking and writing! The author of THE RADICAL LEAP and THE RADICAL LEAP RE-ENERGIZED, Farber gets right to the heart of leadership in so many different ways. (

I came across one of his blogs that talked about The (Most) Fundamental Leadership Question. He led into his answer (which is very consistent with our ACT NOW and ACT OR ASK)… by talking about everyone’s frustration with ‘other people’ and ‘other things’ stopping us from doing what we’re supposed to do.

Farber (and Suddes) urge you to stop and ask yourself this (most?) fundamental of all leadership questions: “WHAT CAN I DO, RIGHT NOW, regardless of what anyone else around here is or is not doing, to change my piece of this company/organization/world for the better?”


Note: If you were able to check out THE ADVANTAGE by Patrick Lencioni or note my recent blog post on 6 Crucial Questions… you will note that Question #5 WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT — RIGHT NOW? certainly fits well with Farber’s one and only question: What can you do, right now…?