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The ‘TOUR’

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Nick and I are doing some work with Craig Hospital in Denver… an absolutely amazing place, filled with world-class talent and pioneering/innovative programs.

I loved this recent quote from one of their superstars: “When you can get them here, it is very engaging!”

In their case, the power of the ‘TOUR’ is beyond description.

Three things to think about as you bring prospective investors/prospects to show off your impact and value (typically called a ‘tour‘).

    Without question, the best predisposition in the world is giving someone an opportunity to see and touch (and even ‘smell‘) what you do.
    The best way to leverage the tour and take advantage of the emotional connection is to actually end the tour in a designated place in order to PRESENT THE OPPORTUNITY!
    3. TOUR FLOW.
    This is the deliberate and conscious effort to plan the flow of the tour… who delivers it, who you meet along the way, what you see, how you to show your impact, etc.

***Quick Story. During a recent Craig tour, the tour ‘guide’ and the prospect were waiting for an elevator. When it opened, out stepped a Craig patient and his parents, who were being discharged that day. All three of them proceeded to talk about the amazing CRAIG EXPERIENCE, how thankful they were, etc.

The prospect probably thought it was planned. It wasn’t. It should have/could have been.

Big Lesson: None of this kind of connection can happen if in your ‘office’ or in their ‘office’.