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We Don’t Need a Gettysburg Address

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I did a great session with one of the finest small colleges in the world yesterday.

New President. Board (and everyone else) is looking for the ‘GRAND VISION’.

We are seeing this more and more … every day … with all of our clients/partners who are engaged in large transformational funding initiatives.

Our response to pretty much everyone right now is to stop over thinking the whole ‘VISION’ thing.

Yesterday, it was a simple statement: “You don’t need a Gettysburg Address.”

This university has a ridiculously strong and unique Mission and Message. We just laid that out in the ‘Blue’ at 30,000′ … and turned that into a $100 Million Vision.


I’m from Springfield, Illinois as was Lincoln.

I love the Gettysburg Address. I love the fact that Lincoln did it in 272 words … and they were really simple, powerful words.

However, not every leader nor every organization needs a ‘Gettysburg Address’ to talk with their best people about TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFTS.