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“We’re all in sales.”

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I know. If you’ve ever seen any of our ‘stuff’ you know that one of our driving mantras is:

“You’re in SALES. Get over it.”

Daniel Pink, author of A WHOLE NEW MIND and DRIVE, is a brilliant thinker and author who clarifies and simplifies big concepts.

His new book is coming out December 31, 2012, called TO SELL IS HUMAN!

Amazon’s brief teaser says this book is about “exploration of the power of selling, which each of us does every day — whether we know it or not.”(!)

More: According to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, 1 IN 9, Americans work in SALES. More than 15 million people earn their keep by convincing someone else to make a purchase. (Or in our world, an investment, a gift, a meaningful contribution to society.)

But dig deeper and startling truth emerges: Yes, 1 in 9 Americans work in sales — BUT SO DO THE OTHER 8 OF 9.(!) Whether we’re entrepreneurs persuading funders, employees pitching colleagues or parents and teacher cajoling kids, we spend our days trying to MOVE others.

Then here’s the kicker line from Amazon:

Today, like it or not, WE’RE ALL IN SALES. (No kidding.) They go on to say that as Pink puts it, everyone is in the ‘moving business‘.

Pink is offering a fresh look at the art and science of selling. I can’t wait for this to come out. Since we’re all in SALES, this book should add considerably to the courses on SALES we took in college and the constant training we get within our organizations. Oh wait… there are NO sales courses at colleges. Nor do we get any SALES TRAINING at our organization.