Eagle Creek

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Welcome to Eagle Creek!


Eagle Creek is our headquarters, located about 20 miles northwest of Columbus in Ostrander, Ohio. Imagine 50 acres of country, a castle in the middle (Tom’s home), surrounded by a creek, inhabited by friendly farm animals, and dotted with stacked rock sculptures.

We host sessions for our clients and our team here, as well as twice-yearly For Impact Boot Camps. We encourage our guests to make the most of ‘unplugging’ while they’re with us – whether that’s ambling down a walking path, feeding some treats to the animals, or sitting poolside to journal their thoughts. It’s an ideal place to unwind, recharge, and reflect on their impact (both personally and as an organization). We don’t host many gatherings and guests in the winter (see: polar vortex), but each of the other seasons provides its own unique and inspiring environment.

Special Note: On Fridays in the summer, Tom insists on ‘Fridays at the Farm’. Everyone (the For Impact team, clients, and friends) brings their families, and we explore the property, hang by the pool, and search for crawdads in the creek. We love Fridays at the Farm.

Drop us an email or check out our Live Experiences to learn more about coming to Eagle Creek for coaching or training, for you or your team. It’s a great opportunity to recharge your batteries, jumpstart a funding plan, and leave with actionable strategies.

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