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Green Sheet (Fillable PDF)
The TSG Binder (PDF Version)

Client Folders: also includes:

FI Engagement Tool

FIT Projets (Index)

Letterhead (with Eagle Creek address)


TSG Value Proposition

Training Notes

Ideal Room Setup
Engagement Tools

Vision Cards


Funding Plans

Client Management/Development:
Current Clients Overview (Includes links to Agreements and Action Plans)

Client Projects Folder (CMS/Checklists)

Sales Pipeline

Results 2014

Team Communication and Assessments (Drive Folder)

Team Roster and Communication (Smartsheet)

Expenses and Reimbursement Policy
Team Gatherings:
Eagle Creek, October 2014

South Bend, March 2014

Christmas at the Farm, December 2013

Disney, September 2013

Ireland, May 2013

Christmas at the Farm, December 2012

San Antonio, October 2012

Team Meetings/Hangouts/Training
FI Team Hangout, April 2015

Team Update/Summer of Health, July 2014

CHI Q2 Update (SDE), July 2014

Updates/Thinking (Internal Communication and Talent), April 2014

Results Q1, March 2014

Recap of Meetings at the Peak, February 2014

FI Engagement Tool Walkthrough, January 2014

Three priorities for first half of 2014, January 2014

Community Benefit Reports, December 2013

Franciscan Client Story, November 2013

On Health Care, September 2013

TSG | FI Story, August 2013

The Funnel in Action: Moving from Blue to Red to Green, March 2013 (Junior Achievement)

Mercy Today/Tomorrow/Forever Framework, March 2013

  • Video (Vimeo, password – MercyTTF)

How to Use Amazon Prime, March 2013

Solutions for Change Engagement Tool, March 2013

Team Update, February 2013

Evertything’s A Project (EAP), February 2013

Global Citizen Year Engagement Tool, November 2012

  • Video (Vimeo, password – gcy2000)

Anchoring a Conversation around a Big Vision, July 2012 (EP Engagement Tool)

Helpful Links:
For Impact Resource Articles (shared Evernote folder)

Innovating for Value in Health Care (HBR and New England Journal of Medicine)

Modern Health Care (Login/Password:

World Clock (Time Zones)

Insperity Employee Service Center
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