For Impact Talent

For Impact | The Suddes Group can partner with you to recruit and build rock star sales talent and leadership. Our approach is based on methodologies we’ve been using for 30 years to raise some of the most successful talent in the social sector.

We believe talent has exceeded “fundraising” as a top challenge for organizations looking to scale impact. The traditional search process is broken. Too many great causes are slowed by the “development churn”.

  • Leaders don’t know what to look for (talent profile).
  • Traditional search hires for traditional skillsets, not talent.
  • Even when a cause finds talent, it often lacks a MODEL in which to leverage the individual or team.

THE SOLUTION: Talent (+ Model). For Impact Talent brings a fresh and disruptive approach.

  • TALENT, not job descriptions nor development functions. We’ve thrown out the old rules. We help you tell your story . We hire best and brightest … most passionate individuals… and train them to be successful inside a sales model.
  • This solution focuses on YOU, the leader. We evaluate existing strengths and look to build model profile to complement the successful team-selling approach.
  • To that end, we also help you build a team-selling model.
  • … providing coaching through a period of funding momentum for the emergence of a true sales culture.
  • Finally, we leverage existing relationships with the organization. In most cases, great talent is only one degree away. The trick is this “talent” is not sitting around looking to be your director of development.

Contact For Impact Director of Talent, Jessica Gemm.
Current Postings within the For Impact Network:

  • The Hunger Project

    We’re currently working with The Hunger Project to find their next U.S. Fundraising Leader, based in NYC, and are sharing this with our network to help find candidates who are passionate about sustainable international development solutions – and eager to engage a whole new group of investors to help end world hunger by 2030.

    The Hunger Project is committed to the end of world hunger by 2030 – and focus their contribution in this effort on empowering communities and individuals to drive the solutions that work for them, and by partnering with like-minded groups. The Hunger Project takes a comprehensive approach – working with communities to focus on activities that will have a lasting impact on their well-being and potential.

    In order to achieve this visionary – yet achievable – goal, we must significantly increase the investments made in The Hunger Project. In the United States, the biggest priority for the new US Fundraising Leader is to transform annual fundraising revenue from a static $6M to $10M and beyond over the next few years, by generating results personally and by empowering their team to succeed.

    This position is meant for the leader who wants to apply their deeply relational skills and experience toward the realization of this brighter future.

    For more information or to apply, contact For Impact’s Director of Talent, Jessica Gemm – or visit the full profile here.