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Tom Suddes founded The Suddes Group in 1983 after serving as the Director of Development at The University of Notre Dame.

Tom and The Suddes Group team quickly became known for generating results where others had failed. Inc. Magazine recognized the no-nonsense, sales-oriented approach and called The Suddes Group “the maverick fundraising firm.”​

In 35+ years, The Suddes Group has:

Raised more than $2 billion for and with organizations throughout the world

Managed more than 500 successful fundraising campaigns

Supported the transformation of more than 5,000 organizations through training and coaching solutions

Across the globe

Today, we are working in dozens of cities, several countries and on three continents. Our clients range from colleges and universities to start-ups to social entrepreneurs, and more than half of our work is with funders and philanthropists looking to help their grantees or to invest their money more effectively.


For Impact:

A Point of View and a Movement

We launched For Impact in 2001 as an initiative to share our point-of-view, frameworks and sales process with an entire community of individuals and organizations looking to change the world.   For Impact has become a movement — the impact of which has transcended our core business. What was once internal training for The Suddes Group now supports some 30,000 entrepreneurs and organizations (both for profit and not-for-profit&amp…and all For Impact) looking to change the world. complements our publishing and training as a way to share our complete approach and frameworks. And, most importantly, it allows us to scale our impact by reaching people around the globe!

Not for profit. For Impact

Our Team

The purpose of any business should be to have a meaningful impact on the world. We promote a ‘culture of health’ within our company to put an emphasis on health, wellness, purpose, quality-of-life, community and family. We are lucky to have a team (and many clients) who share a passion for living life to the fullest.   Our coaches bring years of in-the-field experience with direct responsibility for fundraising strategy and results. More than just fundraising professionals, we look for entrepreneurs, artists and athletes to build a driven team with diverse skill sets in leadership, coaching and training.

  • Our team includes a boxing champion and a national chess champion.
  • Former professions (outside of nonprofit leadership positions) include a professional country music singer and a dot-com entrepreneur.
  • Active (second) professions include a hot-air balloon pilot and a licensed kinesiologist.
Tom Suddes
Tom Suddes

Tom Suddes, our Founder & Chief Spirit Officer, dedicated his life to helping thousands of individuals and organizations (social entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for profit) find their purpose and make an impact on the world. Tom lost his battle with ALS in September 2016. #LiveLikeOG

Sector Impact Initiative

We are a social enterprise. In addition to our core business — helping organizations overcome their barriers to resources — we direct and invest 15% of our total operation in ways that will develop emerging social sector leaders and support social entrepreneurs. We do this (in part) by providing training, coaching, and direct strategic support through these organizations and partners:

StartingBloc. StartingBloc is a leadership program that identifies and supports emerging leaders through Institute experiences, fellowships, and community. This now includes some 2500 changemakers in 56 countries. We provide funding & communication frameworks to StartingBloc Fellows at four institutes each year.

Fellow Irish Social Hub (at the University of Notre Dame Innovation Park). The Fellow Irish Social Hub (FISH) contributes to the strong heritage of social entrepreneurship at Notre Dame by connecting students, faculty, alumni, and community members to leverage our extraordinary resources and effect even greater impact on the world. We help FISH fellows clarify their ideas and secure funding.

Uncharted. Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute) has helped to launch 300+ ventures addressing problems like poverty, lack of education, and access to clean water. We provide direct training and coaching to entrepreneurs taking part in Uncharted’s signature programs. The For Impact curriculum is also packaged as part of the Uncharted accelerator programs used in more than 30 countries.

Mulago Foundation. Mulago finds and funds high-performance organizations that tackle the basic needs of the very poor. Nick Fellers serves as part of the Mulago Faculty (Fall 2017), providing mentorship and support to Fellows that are working to solve some of the most pressing economic challenges of our time.