For Impact

About Us

We are a global fundraising company committed to funding results and funding culture.

A Different Kind of Fundraising Consultancy

In the field experience

Our team continues to work in the field making visits and asks. Our frameworks are field tested and practical. More than that, we understand the demands for your time. We understand that teams are complex. We apply that experience to help you fund your vision.

Funding Results

We work in every sector. The linking thread through each project is our human-centered design approach toward maximizing the engagement of stakeholders and funders. This approach has helped raise over $2 billion for causes in 30+ countries.

Endorsed by funders

Funders often tell us of the For Impact approach, “This is how we think, as funders. You speak to impact, and you are clear in what you need. Can you help the organizations in our funding portfolio?” Today we support leading foundations and family offices in their aim to have more impact.

Lasting impact and culture change

We design funding solutions that will see funding results in the near term and build a foundation for a sustainable culture of philanthropy in the long term. This is complex work, but it is our purpose and our strategy to be the greatest force for good.

A solutions company and an approach

For Impact is a consultancy that can bring a fresh approach, clear thinking, and results to fund your vision. As a social enterprise, we also believe that not everyone needs a consultant. So we package our frameworks and processes available to everyone freely through our website and through our training opportunities. We are for impact!

Diverse Skills, Like Passions

The purpose of any business should be to have a meaningful impact on the world. We promote a ‘culture of health’ within our company to put an emphasis on health, wellness, purpose, quality-of-life, community and family. We are lucky to have a team (and many clients) who share a passion for living life to the fullest. Our coaches bring years of in-the-field experience with direct responsibility for fundraising strategy and results. More than just fundraising professionals, we look for entrepreneurs, artists and athletes to build a driven team with diverse skill sets in leadership, coaching and training.