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Everything we know can be summarized in our Point of View.

Impact Drives Income

Not the other way around.


The SIZE and SCOPE of your IMPACT DETERMINES the SIZE and SCOPE of your INCOME. Not the other way around.  


For 30 years, we’ve brought fundraising teams and organizational cultures along with this point of view to realize, THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE MONEY. (Or about fundraising, development, soliciting people for money or anything else you do under the guise of “raising money.”)  


Impact demands, drives and determines income. If you can clearly, concisely and compellingly convey your purpose, you get more money. And more money equals greater impact!   Is it really this simple? Yes. Does this mean you’re doing almost everything wrong? Perhaps.

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Change the Story


We are the ONLY industry/sector that defines itself in the negative! Does your organization exist to not make any money or does it exist to save, change and impact lives?  


No one cares how we are incorporated. They care about the IMPACT, the CAUSE, SAVING and CHANGING LIVES.  


What becomes of us when our entire thinking is about being a ‘nonprofit’? What if we think, instead, about CHANGING THE WORLD?  

This new way of thinking demands a shift in perspective.

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No More Traditional Fundraising


If you’re truly driven by your IMPACT, then you spend your time: TELLING YOUR STORY. SELLING YOUR VISION. DELIVERING YOUR SERVICES (IMPACT).   (If not, you’re driven by your INCOME and spend your time: BEGGING FOR MONEY. SURVIVING WITHOUT MONEY. SOLICITING FOR MONEY.)  


This shift means moving from transactions to relationships and selling your impact, which requires a commitment…

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Commit to Sales




All of you are deeply committed to your CAUSE and your ORGANIZATION, yet many of you have never been TRAINED IN SALES! (We’ve made a commitment to help more organizations and development professionals embrace SALES.)  


To us, SALES is an ATTITUDE. A CULTURE. GOALS and a PROCESS. And a COMMITMENT to being out of the office, engaging with prospects 1:1.  


And the secret to sales success?

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Keep It Simple


Just Ask! This is THE fundraising secret.  


Just Ask is permission to move. Nothing happens until you ask! Until you ask — one-on-one — the message is not personal, people don’t know how they can help and a prospect can’t say YES!  


Just Ask is about simplicity. No more special events. Simplify your message. Focus on your best prospects.   With a change in perspective, Just Ask isn’t about the money. It’s about presenting the opportunity to save, change and impact lives.

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Impact Drives Everything

(Not just income)


The origin of this phrase comes from our work in the field and sector, but it really is a universal principle.  


Impact drives happiness. Impact drives meaning. Impact drives fulfillment. Impact drives engagement!  


FOR IMPACT reflects our PHILOSOPHY of life and business.

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