Sales is the forging of a human connection - you need a talented team that is truly COMMITTED TO SALES.


Teams Overview

Sales is both an individual and team sport. As individuals, we’re responsible for our own attitude and performance. An argument can be made that it’s also one of the only professions for which there is no personal development ceiling.

While there is no ceiling to any one person’s learning, there is a ceiling to any one person’s capacity. In fact, capacity (or maybe overall effectiveness toward a team goal) diminishes if individuals do not learn to work well as a team.

Naturally, we think a lot about teams! Most of our focus is around sales teams (but the lessons of high performance translate to or are borrowed from ‘teams’, more generally). This focus of this section includes:

We’ve also carved out a section on the ‘Team Selling Framework’. This can be useful to identify and describe roles on a team (or ‘hats’ on an individual). It can be used to illustrate the role of the staff (and board!) in fundraising. Finally, we use it to illustrate a team that is designed around prospects (not fundraising modes like events, and planned giving).