"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


On Campaigns Overview: Guidebook

We’ve invented, built, rescued, or managed hundreds of campaigns. Based on that experience we want to:

CHALLENGE traditional thinking…

  • No More Traditional Campaigns
  • No More Feasibility Studies

INSPIRE new thinking…

  • For us, a Campaign simply refers to any (funding) initiative with a story, a goal, and a timeline!
  • A Campaign can also be a great story to unite, accelerate, or transform an organization. See QUANTUM LEAP CAMPAIGNS!

SHARE plenty of tactical guidance…

  • An alternative to ‘Feasibility Studies’: The Leadership Consensus Building Process
  • Campaign Preparation Checklist
  • Real Estate Questions (for building campaigns)

Download and read

Take a Quantum Leap: A For Impact Campaign Manifesto.