"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


Funding Frameworks Overview

A framework is something that is universally applicable and adaptable. Each of our Funding Frameworks have been tested and developed in working with thousands of organizations, from all sectors, of all sizes, all over the world and across many cultures.

Special note: A framework is not necessarily a process. Sometimes frameworks reveal a process, but by themselves they are not meant to be consistent and linear. Take for example the Today/Tomorrow/Forever funding framework. This can be a great way to frame your funding needs and it can be a very versatile way to set up a funding conversation. But there is no rule that says you must walk each funder through all three elements, on a step-by-step basis, on every occasion!  Said, another way, your organization might not need to talk about planned giving or ‘forever’ – you might be better served to package funding under TODAY and TOMORROW.  

The point – Adapt as necessary and useful to you!

  • The Presentation Framework and Flow.

    We estimate that as a team, The Suddes Group has collective made over 20,000 one-on-one visits with funders and prospects. No two visits are ever the same.  However, we cannot think of a time when the PRESENTATION FRAMEWORK AND FLOW were not applicable.

    The FRAMEWORK outlines disciplines for ANY funding conversation including authenticity, discovery (listening), and engagement.

    The FLOW structures the visit into modular components. You can lead around each component.

  • Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

    This is a funding framework we first developed in the 1980’s. It’s timeless. Use this framework to illustrate all of your funding needs relative to one another, creating a complete funding picture.

  • The Funding Road Map

    Think of this as a critical path. We don’t need to know anything about your organization or your project to know it will be important to address STORY, TEAM and PROCESS.