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No 2 Minute Warning

Life is not a practice session. Life is about playing the actual game. And, as master motivator Jim Rohn says, “We cannot afford to wait for the ‘2-MINUTE WARNING’.”

In 5 MAJOR PIECES TO THE LIFE PUZZLE: A GUIDE TO PERSONAL SUCCESS, he talks about developing a sense of urgency:

“We can’t afford to wait for the ‘2-minute warning’.”

“We can’t afford to wait until the last few minutes to discover that our game plan wasn’t working.”

“We cannot afford to wait until the last few ticks of the clock to become intense about life’s opportunities.”

“We must challenge ourselves right now with a new level of thinking and drive ourselves toward a new level of achievement.”

“And, we must impose upon ourselves a new discipline and develop a new attitude about life that motivates US and inspires OTHERS.”

Wow. Talk about a ’60-second read’ and a lifetime’s worth of encouragement.