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‘Cultivate’ and ‘Hope’

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Playing off my recent post on planting trees… now.

Old Line, Traditional ‘Planned Giving’ was all about CULTIVATION… and HOPE.

When I first started in Development at Notre Dame (horse, buggy, rotary phones), we had the most amazing guy who was responsible for ‘Planned Giving’. Frank’s job was to CULTIVATE (prime football tickets, dinners in Florida, etc.)… and then HOPED that when they passed away they would leave us something. (They usually did. Sometimes it even covered the cost of the tickets!)

Think about the results of what happens in the ‘New’ Model around Today | Tomorrow | Forever.

• The Triple Ask.
• Legacy Gifts.
• Combining Legacy (Estate) Gifts with Cash During Life.
• Etc.

Your choice. Plant trees now or ‘cultivate and hope’.

Special Note: One of the reasons Harvard’s Endowment is $30 Gazillion is because they started planting trees (getting Legacy/Planned Gifts) in the 1700’s.