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Don’t Make Decisions for your Prospects

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

We held our annual For Impact Funding Boot Camp last week here at Eagle Creek. This is our capstone training where we spend two days covering the practical nuts and bolts of sales and the sales process.

We’re constantly asking the group for feedback / takeaways. This is often a good reminder to us about important points (to reinforce here). Malik, from a college advancement team, called out an important lesson: DON’T MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR PROSPECTS.

How often do WE decide???

  • It’s not the right time to ask… or the prospect isn’t ready
  • We can’t ask for THAT much
  • The prospect probably isn’t interested in that program

You don’t know until you ASK.

  • “Could we talk about ways for you to support a program?”
  • “Would it be possible for you to help underwrite this program?”
  • “I know this is the first time we’re together and talking about this but… with your permission… I would love to show you where we’re going and ask for your help.”

So many ways to ask. Just ASK. Let the prospect make the decision.