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Quick follow-up to Everything’s A Projects (EAP). I was reading great one-pager in a phenomenal new magazine called Build: The Catalog of Ideas ( Article was DOES COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP HAVE TO SLOW THINGS DOWN?

The short answer is NO. They gave ‘3 tips’ for fostering efficient teamwork, etc.

Tip #1: ASSIGN A DRI – A Directly Responsible Individual – to all collaborative projects.

You can read this yourself, but here’s the quote from two professors in a Harvard Business Review blog post: “Clarity about where the bucks stop is one of the most critical enablers — and speeders — of teamwork.”

They go on to credit the cult and culture of Apple for spreading this DRI gospel. “At Apple, there is never any confusion about who is responsible for what.” (Adam Lashinsky in Fortune). “Often the DRI’s name will appear on an agenda for a meeting so everybody knows who is responsible. A common phrase heard around Apple when someone (seeks) the right contact on a project is ‘Who’s the DRI on that?'”

Got to love it. In our For Impact | Suddes Group world, DRI = TLTEAM LEADER.

Everything else applies.

Here’s a very, very short video on The Importance of a DRI/TL on a PROJECT.

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