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Give Us Champions

Team Development, Boards | | Tom Suddes

You should be looking for CHAMPIONS, not just ‘BOARD MEMBERS’!

STUFF’ gets done by CHAMPIONS… by people who believe in your Mission, Message, Vision.

CHAMPIONS are involved with you because of your IMPACT! (They are NOT there because they want to be ‘fundraisers’.)

Success with your Board is more about RELATIONSHIPS with INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS… not the Board as a whole!

Stay focused on these CHAMPIONS! They will lead you to the proverbial ‘Promised Land’.

*For us, it’s really simple:

CHAMPIONS will exponentially outperform any ‘COLLECTIVE BOARD’ by 10x to 100x.


Special Note: The Power of One. John W. Gardner wrote a pretty powerful quote that might encourage you to focus on three CHAMPIONS, rather than worrying about your entire Board. (He uses the term ‘MAN’. Obviously, this would be WO-MAN as well.)
“The cynic says one (wo)man can’t do anything.
I say ‘Only one (wo)man can do anything’.”

“All good ideas start with one (wo)man.”

“The creative, caring, believing person sends out waves of influence.”

“(S)He affects others who in turn affect others.”