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I Never Know What To Ask For Until After I Ask

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

On Monday led the Washington DC For Impact Experience (think: workshop, but way better).

Most organizations in the room were new to the concept of sitting down with someone and making a 1-on-1 visit and ask (a ‘targeted solicitation’ – as one attendee put it). When you’re new there can be fear of the unknown that translates into reluctance. You’re not sure what to ask for – for one thing.

I never know what to ask for until AFTER I ask. It took many asks – and mentorship from Tom – for me to understand that you’ll never know what to ask for. It will always be unknown — until you ask. Hopefully all of us at For Impact can pass this lesson on to you. This insight was a big epiphany for several attendees just as it was for me.

Sometimes the ask is for too much and sometimes too little but you know this because you asked. While most development officers or executive directors are huddled in their office trying to do more research you can go out and have a REAL conversation… build a REAL relationship and make a REAL ask. Because you’re building a relationship, this will lead to several more requests and investments over the next 3, 6, 9 months and following years…. while other organizations will LITERALLY take YEARS to figure out exactly what to ask for (which will never happen).