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It All Started With Bootcamp

Blog | | Nick Fellers

I continue to chew and feed on the W.O.W. emails. They are GREAT! They challenge the way I think and operate… and they do so on a consistent basis. I need regular intervals of “interruptions” to keep me on track and focused. They also keep my For Impact mind fresh and up to date.

I also refer back to the manifestos, pdf notes, booklets, mantras, and everything else I’ve gotten my hands on. Those things continue to be vital tools to our success.

One small thing… is my napkin. I have the “IMPACT drives INCOME” napkin on my wall above my desk. As a “non-profit” I already knew in my heart and mind that it was all about the IMPACT. BUT, I didn’t talk that way, I didn’t act that way, which means I didn’t LIVE that way. You guys put words, ideas, and REAL practices around values I new to be true. Without that… I’d still be flopping around wondering if I understood what was going on; thinking everyone else gets it but me.

One of my greatest successes (and failures) is the VISIT. I’m not sure why, but I have it ingrained in my mind that getting someone to visit us here at camp during a session is crazy or impossible. BUT every time someone sets foot on the grounds while camp is session and walks around with me talking about our impact… THEY REALLY GET IT! This past summer we had several church groups, student ministries, and families that came to serve alongside us, each for a week. In a matter of five weeks we had over 50 people who not only understood, but became a vital part of our IMPACT. Not only did they hear our story… they became part of our story. This not only accomplished the “funding” side of camp, but made a huge impact on the staffing, program, and facilities side of camp. Individuals from those groups are now out sharing our IMPACT and they continue to return to camp to INVEST.

This has created a shift in the method we use for staffing during summer camp. This coming summer (2009) we will be partnering with churches, small groups, student ministries, and families who have the same PASSION for IMPACTING lives. They will each serve for a week – as our support staff, assisting with our programs, and funding our VISION (which is also their vision). We will also be partnering with them to provide them with everything they need to IMPACT their group while at camp. It’s kind of a “For Impact Way of Life”. This is going to be a new kind of camp ministry.

It all started with a boot camp. Thanks for inviting us to become a For Impact ministry.

Ben Meyers
Arrowhead Bible Camp