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Office Hours in New York City on Feb 15

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I’m going to be in Manhattan on Feb 15 for a few meetings. Have several hours to meet-up with local For Impact readers and alumni. If you’re in the area and interesting in meeting up for some (free) coaching send an email to me:

What are ‘office hours’?
I was in Denver for a week last June. I had an open day in my schedule and sent a similar invitation to WOW readers in the Colorado area. I held ‘office hours’ in my hotel lobby and visited with one organization at a time — helping them simplify message, overcome funding obstacles and work through some prospect strategies. It ended up being a $260,000 day — meaning those that left generated $260,000 (that I know about).

Why do this?
We form relationships by trying to have the biggest possible impact.
Some of those I met that day became For Impact clients and others simply became better acquaintances. In all cases, it added value and made a big impact to the For Impact local community — an objective of ours that drives the WOW Emails, Daily Nuggets blog, teleseminars and gatherings.

If you’re interested please include something you would hope to get out of our time together (examples: a specific challenge, re-charged, strategy, simplicity, etc).