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Video, Simplify Message | | Nick Fellers

Nick explains how to simply communicate where the money goes in your organization using the three-bucket framework to categorize of your organization’s priorities and programs.


The bucket methodology is a holistic way to communicate the answer to the question ‘Where does the money go?’ The priorities of an organization can always be divided into three “buckets” or categories, following the template of People, Programs, and Place.

For schools, these buckets are almost always translated into Students, Faculty, and Campus. Or for a ministry-oriented organization, it could be Ministry, Community Outreach, and Church Campus.
Asking the question ‘Which one is most important to you?’, engages the prospect and determines the best way to get them on board to create a bigger impact with your organization.

Financial objectives should be assigned to the the buckets, which must always be nouns, to provide a holistic framework to deliver your organization’s many programs to the prospect.

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