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Projects Are The New Job Interviews

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

After finishing up the latest thinking on EAP (Everything’s A Project), I read this great article in BUILD The Catalog of Ideas, on this idea that Projects Are the New Job Interviews. Michael Schrage is the source, who also wrote a favorite book called Serious Play.

I had shared some of this thinking a while ago, Screw the Interview, but it’s really hard not to agree with the following:

  • Resumes are dead.
  • Interviews are largely ineffectual.
  • References are pretty worthless.

Bottom line here is that the best way to actually find out if serious candidates can do serious work is to give them a serious project.

As Schrage asks, “Should your next hire come from a great set of interviews and references? Or from knocking your socks off on a project?”