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For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I was thinking of my friend Pete Kunk this morning. Pete is amazing ‘business coach’ (at Built to Lead), and is always recommending for his ‘business’ clients. (Primarily, I think, because of our ongoing emphasis on SALES.)

I believe the following version of our Roadmap works very well in Pete’s world.

I sometimes forget that many of our readers and followers are For Impact Organization board members and community/business leaders.

Here’s why I think this Roadmap works so well for businesses or entrepreneurs.

  • The blue around IMPACT is still about the WHY/WHAT you are selling, how you SHARE the STORY, SIMPLIFY your MESSAGE, DEFINE your VALUE PROPOSITION and DESIGN the PRESENTATION.
  • The red arrow is about the WHO, about engaging people, engaging leadership, how you train your sales team and (of course) WHO you are selling to.
  • The green around INCOME is the HOW you generate sales and revenue, and HOW you present the opportunity. It’s about an actual COMMITMENT to SALES. And, certainly if you’re in C-Suite or high-end sales, it’s about getting out and making the VISIT.
    Most importantly, for anyone in the For Impact world (that’s not-for-profit or for-profit or whatever) it’s all about JUST ASK!

Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield say either 60% or 75% of sales people never CLOSE/ASK!

I hope this has some value.