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ROI, Part 2

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

My friend and TSG Senior Partner, Jeff Strine, pointed out a glaring fault in my ROI thinking.

Jeff is a recovering banker. In the financial world, Return-On-Investment means NET. Jeff says it’s sometimes called NET CONTRIBUTION, which makes sense in our world as well.

Here’s Jeff’s example:

  • Gross Revenue: $2M
    Revenues Generated = 2X
  • Investment/Expenses: $1M
    Cost of Raising $1 = 50%
  • Net Return: $1M
    ROI = 1X … not the 2X I used.

I didn’t want Jeff to think I’m a financial moron, but I’m guessing that the net return of $1M or 1X would be a 100% ROI.

My bottom line: Your NET RETURN/ROI should be WAY MORE than your INVESTMENT/EXPENSES.

3X. 4X. 5X.