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Seek Balance

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Master motivator Zig Ziglar says it this way, “True SUCCESS requires BALANCE. SUCCESS is only real if it encompasses physical, mental, spiritual, relationships, career and finances.”

Make a LIFE. Not a LIVING.

When somebody says, “Get a life”, that’s what they mean.

It’s your life. If given the choice of balancing your WORK, BUSINESS, CAREER… with your LIFE… always chose LIFE.

I once heard one of the best business professors I know and one of the most ‘successful’ business leaders in the country both say to a class of MBA’s that it is “pretty much impossible to balance your business and career with your family”. I so violently disagree that it is difficult to capture on paper.

We’re all terminally ill. Workaholics and busy, busy, frenetic, multitasking people are all going to die. When you talk to old people like me, they will remind you that your children will never be this age again. Your parents will eventually be gone. Your brothers and sisters will be spread around the country. And, if they’re really honest, they’ll tell you that the whole ‘quality time‘ vs. actual time is just a cop out.

It’s Friday. Leave ‘work’ early (or now!). Get some solo time, workout time, family time life time. (‘Work’ will all still be there on Monday.)

Special Note: As any athlete knows, the concept of PHYSICAL BALANCE is critical. In boxing or yoga or any sport, ‘BALANCE’ comes from CORE STRENGTH.

Think about that. Your LIFE BALANCE should be built around your ‘CORE’… your PURPOSE, your PASSION and your PRINCIPLES.

And built around your ‘STRENGTH’… your CHARACTER, COMMITMENT and COMPASSION.