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Synchronicity. Serendipity. Spooky.

I LOVE Tom Peter’s ‘stuff’. I’ve been following him for over 30 years, every since his mega-hit IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE. I think I’ve got all of his books and pamphlets that he’s ever written.

I’m up at Notre Dame (at boxing) … and I’m reading PROJECT 04: SNAPSHOTS OF EXCELLENCE IN UNSTABLE TIMES. Ten years old. Still ridiculously relevant.

“It is the foremost task – and responsibility – of our generation to RE-IMAGINE our enterprises and institutions, public and private.”

T.P. goes on to make/reinforce a ton of cutting-edge thinking around TALENT … DESIGN … WOMEN … PASSION … CHAOS/VOLATILITY/CHANGE … and much more.

I went to to see if PROJECT 04 was still in print. Instead, I see an amazing 104-page PDF on SOME (REALLY) (IMPORTANT) STUFF, which he posted on the 13th of January on the way to New Zealand.

Save this link somewhere for when you have time to go through all the slides/pages. It will definitely cause to THINK!

  • Do good work.
  • People development, training at very top of the heap.
  • Thank you. Acknowledge. Appreciate.
  • Listen up.
  • Radical, personal development.
  • (My favorite) READ. READ. READ.

Special Note: Yes, it’s a lot of ‘stuff’. But, I promise that you will take away one BIG nugget that will change the way you think.