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The Craft: Affirmations for 2021

Personal | | Nick Fellers

Through 2020 and coming into 2021, we collected many fundraising success stories from clients and friends who had to work very hard to stay focused while balancing many realities:

  • The pandemic (and there is not much to say about that).
  • The k-shaped recovery. Some sectors are roaring and as a result, the ‘asset class’ is doing better than ever.
  • Role reshuffling in organizations. So much of our coaching is trying to help leaders and fundraisers find focus amidst uncertainty (and often change).

That hard work often required repeated affirmation. This email compiles many of the affirmations I’ve used over the years, as well as many developed through coaching clients in recent months.

I’m hoping 1-2 lines speak to YOU.


The Craft: Affirmations for 2021

I am a sales professional.
My product knowledge is expressed in impact and vision.
My craft is the forging of the human connection.
There is not a day I cannot grow.

This craft is important.
Engaging is what creates connection. 
Asking is what unlocks generosity and meaning.
On any given day my work can offer the highest point of leverage for our team, organization, and cause. 

My craft is measured by productivity.
In ‘normal’ times I focus on effectiveness and efficiency.
During this time I give myself permission to focus on a different ‘e’ — energy.

Today my ability to connect, unlock meaning, and drive impact is a function of energy.
I will remind myself daily to not waste energy on things I can’t control. 
Instead, I will direct energy toward what I can control: process and perspective.

Connection, meaning, and impact can CREATE ENERGY, 
if I let them. 

I hear of Zoom fatigue but I choose to flip my story: 
It’s not about the medium, it’s about the meaning. 
Virtual visits and experiences can create more meaning and impact (in different ways),
if I let them. 

I don’t know whether a prospect will commit but this is my perspective:
I do not make decisions for my prospects. 
Now is the time to engage.
It’s my job to present the opportunity.
The opportunity has never been greater.

I embrace my craft. Today. In this unique time and place.
I appreciate that I can learn and grow in ways that will benefit me forever;
I choose to see this as an opportunity for more connection and meaning… unlocked by engaging and by asking; and
I will direct my energy toward this process knowing it will save, change, and impact lives.