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Use Oscillation To Increase Performance

Daily Nuggets | | Tom Suddes

We’re re-publishing some lessons from Tom’s For Impact Campaign Manifesto: Take a Quantum Leap


It’s not just a big word. Taking a Quantum Leap is a lot like doing ‘WIND SPRINTS,’ a particular form of training that mixes INTENSE EFFORT with RECUPERATION TIME.

Jim Loehr, über-coach of world-class athletes (and now corporate leaders), makes a big deal of ‘OSCILLATION.’ Here’s a great personal mantra, from the cover of Loehr’s terrific book, The Power of Full Engagement:

“MANAGE your ENERGY, not your TIME.”

Julia Cameron also talks about it in musical terms: ‘REST,’ which is the SPACE between the NOTES. Whatever you call it, a Quantum Leap requires BLITZES, BURSTS and BACKING OFF, in order to recuperate, in order to attack.

Perhaps the best analogy for me is a boxing match (which I happen to know a little bit about.) You fight a two-minute round. Get a one minute rest. Fight a two-minute round. Get a one-minute rest. Within the round, you’re on offense and defense. You’re moving, hitting, defending, resting (while moving), etc.

Special Note: For 35 years, Colorado College has used this idea in what they call the ’BLOCK PLAN.’ One Class. 3 Weeks. Time Off. Next Class. 3 Weeks. Time Off. OSCILLATION works. Use it.