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You Don’t Need to Tell Your Story Better. You Need A Better Story.

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I can’t begin to tell our followers and readers how big this whole ‘STORY’ thing really is. In every partnership, every coaching client and every organization with which we are engaged in training… ALL need work on the STORY.

Nick, Kerry and our Coaches are constantly striving to help tell Founder’s Story, the Math Story, the Timetable Story, the 3 ‘Best’ Stories that support the Engagement Tool, the Funding Story and much more.

Of equal importance is how each one of you TELL YOUR OWN (PERSONAL) STORY…your provenance, your uniqueness and the ‘why’ you are where you are and you are doing what you’re doing.

For all concerned:

You don’t need to tell your story better. You need a better story.