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Your Board is Not Responsible for Fundraising

Team Development, Boards | | Tom Suddes

There it is. It’s out there. Get over it.

There is no such thing as a ‘FUNDRAISING BOARD’!

STOP whining that the Board “Doesn’t understand that they need to raise money”.

STOP complaining that the “Board won’t give or get”.

STOP moaning about “Asking the Board for names… and getting no response”. (As Nick always says, “How’s that working for you?”)

Face the brutal facts:

  • The Board doesn’t want to ‘fundraise’. Actually, the Board hates to ‘fundraise’!
  • The Board doesn’t want to ASK THEIR FRIENDS FOR MONEY!! Actually, they would rather crawl through that broken glass…
  • They spend (collectively) thousands of hours on a SPECIAL EVENT (that is not SPECIAL and not an EVENT) and raise $1,600…because that’s what you trained them to do.

If you keep doing what you are doing, it just leads to:

  • FRUSTRATION (for Staff and Board).
  • STRESS (for Staff and Board).
  • UNHAPPINESS (for Staff and Board).

*At almost every single training we’ve done, which has included a lot of Board Members,
as well as staff, someone comes up at the break and says,

“Finally. Somebody is telling like it is.”